How to Move Your Entire Life Across State Lines with No Hassle

Moving is stressful. It’s expensive. It takes time. And, with the entire country now just a short drive away, it’s not even that inconvenient anymore. 

Despite all these advantages, many people still don’t want to move across state lines for a number of reasons- fear of change, fear of the unknown, or just never thinking about it as an option. 

It is time to decide that you are done with your old home or apartment, and start looking for a new one that meets your needs. The first step, before actually looking for a new place, is to consider how to move your entire life across state lines without hassle. 

Moving interstate can be an exciting prospect if you are ready to do some of the work yourself. Finding an interstate mover can make the process easier. There are two major types of movers: full service and self-service movers. 

The Planning Stage 

Moving interstate can be a challenge, but this is a good thing. The more you do to prepare the better off you’ll be. Here are 3 tips that will help you have an easier relocation experience. 

  • Plan for your move from the beginning of the year so that you can save a little bit of money here and there. 
  • Find a property before looking for property to rent – this will give you better negotiating power and negotiation time with landlords or real estate agents. 
  • Research what living costs are going to be in your new location so that you know how much money it’s going to cost to live there (i.e., how much it costs for rent, groceries, utilities 

The Paperwork Stage 

This section will cover the change of address form and filing taxes after moving interstate. 

In Australia, there is a change of address form that is available for all individuals who have moved from one state to another. This form is used to update your details with the Australian Taxation Office. In order to complete this form, you must be a resident in Australia and have lived at your new address for more than six months. You may also use this form if you’ve been overseas for more than six months and have now returned home. 

The Trucking Stage 

The Trucking Stage is a stage of the shipment process that involves the movement of the goods from one location to another. This transportation stage is often overlooked but it is important to remember that it can involve a lot of time and money. 

We should not hire a trucker without considering all the costs involved. In some cases, hiring a trucker can be as expensive as renting a moving van. When we are looking for a good price on hiring a trucker, we have to remember that there might be hidden fees on top of what we see in our estimate. 

There are many factors that will affect the cost of hiring a trucker to move your things across state lines. These factors include: distance traveled, weight and size of items, fuel surcharges and more.