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Created by Michael Saiz on 27.05.2014 15:19:50

Hi Julian thanks for sharing these information, however i found a issue in the themeID list when i wanted to overwrite the ErrorMessage Styles: ErrorMessages != MessageList it is also 'Message' i found that out when i inspected the the xp:messages html code. It also uses the xspMessage styleClass like the xp:message. Maby you want to correkt that. =)

Created by Sean Haggerty on 03.03.2017 00:59:37


Where is the definitions for theme tags and where do we find what the "name" attribute get e.g.

where do we find Sidebar.Releases.Timestamp

- or -

where do find that tags exist and their child nodes tags


Where is the source definition for Themes and their possible tags and where do we find the attributes that tie into the elements we want the theme to affect.