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The useful resource for IBM Lotus Domino XPages development

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is maintained by 
Julian Buss.
You can hire me. - the useful resource for IBM Lotus Domino XPages development

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Welcome to Julian Buss' XPages Wiki

This site provides a lot of howtos, tips and ready-to-use code about XPages development on IBM Lotus Domino or the IBM XWork server. It is maintained by Julian Buss. I'm an XPages professional, and you can hire me. See my Linked profile for details.

The target audience are experienced Notes developers who have knowledge in formulas, LotusScript and classic Domino web development. This Wiki is an extension to the DesignerWiki, not a competitor.

There are always updates, see 'Wiki updates' below to see what's new. This is not a full XPages documentation, it's a huge collection of useful stuff I found during my work as XPages consultant.
You are invited to share your XPages knowledge by leaving comments to these pages.

There is no guarantee for any of the tips or code samples. Usage of this site is on your own risk.

Wiki updates

11. Deu 2013: Give Designer a performance boost
11. Dez 2013: Per Henrik's XPages boilerplate
8. Dez 2013: Performance improvement for categorized views
18. Sep 2013: Create a datasource and attach it to a panel with SSJS
18. Sep 2013: Reset and clear a datasource
4. Aug 2013: Run Client Side JavaScript after Server Side JavaScript
28. May 2013: Set startKeys property of a ViewPanel with SSJS
28. May 2013: About multithreading in XPages
4. Apr. 2013: Using Twitter Bootstrap CSS Framework
4. Apr. 2013: Info about new in Domino 9 added
25. Mar 2013: Getting the referer for the current page
3. Mar 2013: Referencing Dojo Root Directory
18. Feb 2013: Relative URLs to another NSF
24. Jan 2013: Prevent caching of ajax requests in mobile web apps
23. Jan 2013: Added a link to Stephan's 10 Commandments for public facing web applications
13. Jan 2013: Hold documents in memory
12. Dec 2012: updated the Work With Java page
6. Dec 2012: Issues with the expression validator you should know
6. Dec 2012: Custom Control For Enhanced Validation Messages
6. Dec 2012: Using a Dojo Tab Panel as alternative for the XPages tabbedPanel control to avoid problems with validators
16. Nov 2012: Get the NotesView backend object out of a ViewPanel
18. Oct 2012: Reverse A NotesViewEntry Collection
18. Oct 2012: Count the number of days between two dates
24. Aug 2012: Export to PDF and Excel - thanks Md Arif Iqbal@MaargaSystems Pvt ltd and an unknown user!
24. Aug 2012: Expand and collapse a categorized view with SSJS - thanks Md Arif Iqbal@MaargaSystems!
24 Aug 2012: BusinessDays in SSJS - thanks Md Arif Iqbal@TcsBangalore!
18. Jul 2012: Responsive and conditional CSS
22 May 2012: mobile Apps for iPhone, iPad, Android
22. Mar 2012: Get the name of the Domino backend view out of a View Control
6. Mar 2012: Dynamically set data binding using SSJS
5. Mar 2012: Using partial execution mode in events

YouAtNotes XPages documentation wiki is a huge collection of howtos, tips and tricks about IBM Lotus Domino XPages development. This XPages documentation contains a lot of guides and solutions to solve everyday's development requirements, ranging from Server Side JavaScript over Dojo, performance, speed and CSS to custom controls and other numerous ready-to-use solutions.

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